Monday, September 26, 2005

BINGHAMTON NY--the Ithaca New York antiwar protesters who threw blood on a recruiting center, a soldier and the American flag in 2003 have been found guilty of three counts by a federal court.

According to the Ithaca Journal, the group, which calls itself “St. Patrick’s Day Four,” was found guilty of three counts of damaging federal property, but acquitted of the most serious conspiracy charge.

The group was accused of going to a Army recruiting center near Ithaca on March 17, 2003, and throwing their own blood on the walls, the floor, the United States flag and Staff Sgt. Rachon Montgomery, who was working as an army recruiter that day.

The protesters, while admitting to their actions, claim they have done nothing wrong. The four, who are representing themselves, claimed that their actions were legally justified because they did it to stop the United States from invading Iraq.

During the trial, it was revealed that two of the four protesters, Peter DeMott and Clare Grady, had previous histories of committing violent acts against federal property.

DeMott and Grady, along with fellow protesters Daniel Burns and Theresa Grady, will be sentenced at a later date.

The group had previously been tried on similar charges in a Tompkins County court, but that case ended in a hung jury. At that time, Tompkins County District Attorney George Dentes stated that he believed the Ithaca-area jurors were “motivated by political ideology and not by the evidence.”

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