December 2010
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It’s Friday, and that Means Beer

buzz beer…but, apparently, not caffeinated beer, as the FDA and various state governments move to ban the stuff.

Personally, I don’t see the appeal. However, I also don’t see the big health threat. Does the government really think a drink that’s, basically, the same chemical composition as a rum and coke or Irish coffee is a dangerous drug? And if it is, what does that bode for the aforementioned drinks?

And, besides, if someone’s really that eager to stay up all night and kill a case they can always use their beer to wash down a handful of perfectly legal, over the counter, No-Doz.

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Obama’s Former Car Czar Caught in Scandal: What about the Vetting Process?

President Obama’s original car czar has been sued for corruption in New York:

Former Obama administration official Steven Rattner was sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Thursday for his role in a pay-to-play scheme involving New York’s pension fund.

Rattner, the former auto czar, agreed to pay $6.2 million and to a two-year ban from associating with any investment adviser or broker-dealer to settle the SEC allegations, the SEC said Thursday.

Separately, Cuomo’s office filed two lawsuits against Rattner, seeking at least $26 million and an immediate lifetime ban from the securities industry.

“Steve Rattner was willing to do whatever it took to get his hands on pension fund money including paying kickbacks, orchestrating a movie deal, and funneling campaign contributions,” said Cuomo, who is the incoming governor of New York. “Through these lawsuits, we will recover his ill gotten gains and hold Rattner accountable.”

A lawyer for Rattner did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment Thursday.

The complete statement from the New York State Attorney General’s office is here. It indicates that this investigation has been going on for three years, meaning that it predates Obama taking office and appointing Rattner to the position. In addition, at the time Rattner left office, several months after first being appointed, public reports were already surfacing about his role in the scandal.

This calls into question what sort of shoddy background checks the administration did in this case, and whether or not that shoddiness might be at play in any other appointments.

It also calls into question the wisdom of the Obama team in creating all these “czar” positions, positions with cabinet-level authority, but not subject to the same senate confirmation processes as actual cabinet members. Had the confirmation process gone forward, as envisioned by the framers, we might not have had, even for a short time, a man in charge of the auto companies who is now squarely implicated in a major scandal.

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CAIR: the Jihadist’s Bund

CAIR: TSA Can’t Pat Down Muslim Women.

According to CAIR, the TSA’s new “enhanced pat down” policy should be limited to searching only around Muslim women’s head and neck if they are wearing a hijab and that Muslims objecting to the enhanced full-body scans have the right to request the pat-down procedure be done in a private place.

I have no problem with anyone asking that the pat-down procedures be done in private. However, there is already history of radical Muslims attempting to smuggle bombs onto planes with the explosives hidden on their body. Therefore, the demand that the pat-downs not be conducted below the head and neck is unrealistic and dangerous.

CAIR is far too often on the side of terrorists, in the guise of protecting (only one group’s) civil liberties. They deserve little respect from either the populace or our government.

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It’s Friday and that means Beer

A round up of links in Google News for beer this week seems to bring a lot of bad news:

Anheuser-Busch Sues Baseball Over Bud Sponsorship Deal
: BusinessWeek
Beer glasses thrown at police: Brisbane Times
Easton police arrest eight teenagers for beer possession: Enterprise News
Fargo man accused of assaulting bar patron with beer mug: In-Forum

But then you get this, from Fox News: Beer Lubricated the Rise of Civilization

May beer have helped lead to the rise of civilization? It’s a possibility, some archaeologists say.

Their argument is that Stone Age farmers were domesticating cereals not so much to fill their stomachs but to lighten their heads, by turning the grains into beer. That has been their take for more than 50 years, and now one archaeologist says the evidence is getting stronger.

Thank goodness for fair and balanced Fox! While others link beer to crime, they defend it as the basis of civilization!

Happy Friday…time to go get civilized!

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Tyler Perry’s New Movie has a Title Problem

Apparently, some multi-plexes can’t fit the whole title “For Colored Girls” on the interior marquees, leading to some, um, interesting abbreviations:
tyler perry's new movie
I suppose we should all be thankful that there isn’t a sequel to “White Men Can’t Jump” out there right now.

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It’s Friday and that means Beer

In honor of the historic and stinging rejection of President Obama’s policies, a little Delirium Tremens. Why? Just check out the animal on the label:
elephant beer
The Republic Lives!

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A Rebuke for Obama

The Republic Lives!

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Stewart’s “Moderate” Fans Holding Up Cantor as Hitler Signs

MSNBC, of all places, has the pictures:
People wear masks and hold up anti-Republican signs in front of the National Gallery of Art during the Comedy Central 'Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear' on Saturday.

I don’t know about you, but nothing says “restoring sanity” to me like depicting a Jewish person as a Nazi.

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It’s Friday, it’s almost Halloween, and that means beer

The beer: Saranac Pumpkin Ale.
The music: The late, the great, Warren Zevon (click on the titles for YouTube):

Werewolves of London
Excitable Boy
Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner

Happy Halloween!

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States Weigh Letting Noncitizens Vote

Fox News:

Portland residents will vote Nov. 2 on a proposal to give legal residents who are not U.S. citizens the right to vote in local elections, joining places like San Francisco and Chicago that have already loosened the rules or are considering it.

Yes, I know the three cities mentioned consist of the two hippie bastions and the most politically corrupt city in America. But…seriously…?

This just shocks the conscience to me, the idea that a non-citizen would be allowed to vote. Why bother with citizenship at all?

Furthermore, the idea that non-citizens should be able to vote because they own have jobs and pay taxes strikes me as a little too close to the old, “Jim Crow,” idea that citizenship/voting rights should be tied to property status.

No matter how you look at this, it stinks.

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